DIY tutorial is an emerging non-profit residential project for differently-abled people across the nation and beyond. What started as a dream has now taken the shape of a global movement. There are circumstances and life situations out of one’s control, such as accidents or severe ailments. In our extensive research, we have found that people who encounter a mishap in their life generally give up on the hope of a new life. Many patients we came across at various state and district hospitals had undergone significant brain surgery or severe body operations.

Having experienced a mental breakdown, emotional and physical agony, these people find it challenging to restore to a state of normalcy. After talking to several such persons, we understood that the absence of a community to which they could relate to is a significant impediment along their new journey ahead. This is what we precisely aim to build- a city that treats the specially-abled individuals with equality, dignity as well as respect. However, our objectives are not limited to that; the DIY tutorial also provides relevant skills and capabilities to our various members based on their age, gender, intellectual levels, calibre and the degree of their disability.

In addition to this, our programs and courses aim to grant much-needed independence and freedom that disabled persons fail to find mostly. These learning schedules aid them to not just evolve but also improve in all aspects of life. With the acquired skills, people can offer their expertise and knowledge to a multitude of enterprises and companies across the globe. 
Our founders say “Disability is an ability with some special characteristics.” And you cannot agree more. We have witnessed persons with an ampulated leg conquer the biggest mountains of their life while people with no to little eyesight have painted the world with the most beautiful colors one might have had ever seen. Therefore, every impossibility holds a silver living. Accept reality and search for opportunities and add meaning to your life.

Presently, our project has started out after soliciting the permission of the respective state and district authorities and agencies. The current plan layout consists of a recreational facility, hostel arrangements, study rooms, mess halls, various playcourts, and an on-field skill development area considering the standard requirements of the community members. Besides, expert guidance and assistance are available at every step of the journey. We believe in rising together. 

Admission forms are out. Enroll yourself as a volunteer or staff assistance and empower millions of gifted-people from all over the world. You can write to us in case of any queries or assistance. We are proud to introduce our hardworking and high-spirited members who have an inspiring story to share with you all.